Tropical Backyard Landscaping Ideas, Making Backyard Great Again

Tropical Garden Oasis at Your Backyard

For a house located in warm climates, having tropical backyard landscaping ideas is a great way to make your outdoor space colorful.

If you are confused about what to do to your backyard, remodeling it would create a more comfortable space for your house. You can turn your ordinary backyard into a tropical retreat. You might need these ideas to apply a tropical-themed garden right at your backyard.

Here are several ideas to explore to make your backyard great again.

1. Bali-Inspired Tropical Landscaping

Bali-Inspired Tropical Landscaping
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For the record, this is not Bali. This could be your backyard. You can drip with tropical foliage and flowers with a hot color to achieve this look. This tropical landscaping evokes a sense of mystery to its setting.

All the elements work together to achieve this exciting atmosphere of tropical. One of the most important things in this idea is the exotic touches. You can incorporate a Bali-inspired guardian sculpture to complete the experience.


– The sculpture is an outstanding detail of this idea

– The lush setting feels warm and inviting


– It seems to be a lot of work.

2. Tropical Landscaping with Mediterranean Style

Tropical Landscaping with Mediterranean Style
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This tropical backyard setting is a part of a Mediterranean house located in Hollywood Hills West. The tropical garden makes a great decoration to this Mediterranean backyard space. It’s got a fire pit with cushion-covered seating filled with colorful pillows.


– It’s got an interesting flooring pattern and texture

– The design is colorful thanks to the pillow


– The tropical garden seems useless in this space

3. Tropical Poolside Landscaping

Tropical Poolside Landscaping
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One of the trademarks of tropical style is bold colors. As you can see, this side of the pool filled with healthy greenery and a bunch of bright-colored flowers. It makes great tropical landscaping to enjoy while we are around the swimming pool.

Some tropical plants are well mixed into the landscape. The wooden shelves hold the potted flowers to supply pops of colors contrasting the green background. The blue color of the swimming pool separates itself with the landscape.


– It’s a simple landscaping idea you can apply in your poolside wall

– It requires low maintenances


– The number of flowers is a lack

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4. Tropical Garden Oasis at Your Backyard

Tropical Garden Oasis at Your Backyard
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This is a large garden containing big tropical trees. It’s designed for a large house with a large family. This garden is a tropical oasis that has a lot of areas for the children to play around and explore. You can also provide a space for teenagers and adults to relax.

The white-colored pathway looks like sand from this point of view. It’s actually a combination of concrete and gravel. The white pathway contrasts the green scenery of the garden.


– It looks like you will have a private jungle in your backyard

– It’s like living really close to nature


– Too many plants and trees would attract wildlife. It could be dangerous.

5. Tropical Landscape with Rock Waterfall

Tropical Landscape with Rock Waterfall
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One of the features that are reminiscent of the tropics is Rocks. This medium backyard has a pond with a textured rock waterfall. The design of the rock looks so artistic and it’s surrounded by lushes and tropical plants.

You can enjoy the landscape by sitting on that comfortable chair facing the waterfall. Rock waterfall is a creative way to keep the water flowing through the process of filtration. This rocky pond would add an exotic appeal to your tropical backyard.


– It makes the backyard more exotic

– The water flows through the filtration process in a beautiful way


– The rocky pond would require cleaning regularly for the moss.

6. Shady Tropical Backyard with Fire Pit

Shady Tropical Backyard with Fire Pit
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Do you like having a fire pit in the middle of the outdoor living room? It’s very useful to enjoy on cooler nights. Space is filled with cozy lounge chairs surrounding the fire pit covered with round concrete painted blue.

During the day, you can see this cool living space protected by the trees around it. The shade of the trees reduces the hotness of the sunlight in the middle of the day.


– The choice of trees is the key to this tropical backyard

– It’s filled with many chairs for a large family gathering


– Space looks so full and crowded.

7. Tropical Landscape for Swimming Pool Area

Tropical Landscape for Swimming Pool Area
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This calming tropical poolscape would support your relaxation time. The bricked hardscape of this pool area maximizes the tranquil atmosphere created by the tropical garden. You can enjoy swimming in the middle of a relaxing garden.


– The orange-colored brick contrasting the greenery around it


– Because of the brick, the pool looks dirty.


Overall, those tropical backyard landscaping ideas are inspirational for you. One of the ideas might be something you can consider to apply in your own backyard. Get ready for some tropical nature right in your backyard.

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