What is the Standard Door Handle Height?

Barn Door Handle Height
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Installing a new door can be challenging for many reasons, whether it’s your front door or a transition from one room of your house to another. While you install the door, it will require a second pair of hands to hold it up. You might even need to acquire specific equipment in order to finish it.

When people buy the shell of a new door, however, there is one aspect that frequently perplexes them. Where should the standard door handle height be if there isn’t a hole pre-drilled?

You might get varied conclusions depending on the kind of door and its location in the residence. To provide you with the proper answer for your home, you’ll have to have all of the facts.

Here’s everything you need to know about selecting the best hardware and where to install it on your new door.

Standard Door Handle Height

You’ll probably need to understand the typical door handle height, no matter what type of door you’re installing.

The location of the door handle might be indicated on certain models by pre-drilled holes, however this is not always the case. Door knobs are how tall? So, a simple cut and dry response isn’t quite the answer.

It’s important to understand that door handle height is always measured from the floor up.

The completed floor, not the subfloor, is used to determine this. When measuring for your ceilings, be sure to take into account the height of the flooring you are installing, such as solid hardwood flooring.

This will often be ¾-inch thick, so where your door knobs should go will vary significantly.

Standard Door Handle Height
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At least 34 inches from the finished floor, all door knobs, pulls, latches, and locks should be installed. The door handle will be comfortably positioned around the hip region of most people.

On the other hand, your replacement door knob should not protrude more than 48 inches above the finished floor. It might be too inconveniently placed for comfort if it is higher than this.

Door knobs are usually drilled around 36 inches off the floor by most contractors.

You don’t have to follow these basic criteria if you want to install extra locks for security reasons. Normal operations do not include these sorts of locks, which may be installed at any height. When measured from the floor, many people prefer to install them three-quarters of the way up the door.

Exceptions to the Rule

Unfortunately, the science of installing a door handle is not 100 percent precise. There are exceptions to every rule, so you may wish that there was an simple method to determine where to drill the hole.

Before you decide to make a permanent mark in your new door, make sure that it doesn’t fall into one of these categories.

Entering into Water Features

Entering into Water Features
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You should pay more attention to handle and lock placements when installing a door knob on a door that opens into a swimming pool or other water feature.

Children can easier let themselves into these areas when the door handle is lower. To make this accident less likely, it is recommended that you raise the handle height to 48 to 54 inches.

80-inch Doors

The overall height of the door is another thing to remember. Several interior doors are eighty inches tall. You may want to consider centered the door handle vertically on the door rather than offsetting it by placing it at the 36-inch mark.

You create the impression that the door has no top or bottom by drilling a 40-inch hole through it from the floor. Everything comes together, no matter what. In mobile homes or other pre-fabricated dwellings, this is a common practice.

Matching Other Doors

Matching Other Doors
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Remembering that consistency is critical is one of the most essential things you should keep in mind when selecting door handle heights.

You most likely have fitted some interior or exterior doors already unless you’re erecting a brand new house. Consistency in door knobs is more important than matching the standard knob height.

From the floor up, measure your existing door knobs. You’ll want to match all of the pre-existing door handle heights in your home if they’re more than ½-inch off the standard height. As a result, it gives the impression of being more harmonious.

ADA Door Handle Height

Many people want to make their homes more handicap-accessible in their daily lives. About the height of door knobs, what does the ADA say?

Fortunately, traditional guidelines for ADA door handle height are well-suitable. The door’s operable parts should be between 34 inches and 48 inches above the floor, including all handles, pulls, latches, locks, and other operable parts.

The issue isn’t the height of the door handle, but rather the door handle itself. Door knobs must be accessible to be operated with just one hand without tight grip, pinching, or rotating of the wrist. To use these operable components, they must only exert a maximum of five pounds of pressure.

Under the ADA protocol, there are also particular limitations on the size of the entrance. There should be no projections into the open area at the bottom 34 inches of the door, which should be 36 inches wide. You may have up to four inches of projection into the entrance with some of the width distributed on either side of the open door once you’ve cleared this height requirement.

Barn Door Handle Height

Barn Door Handle Height
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With the growing popularity of rustic farmhouse style interior design, barn doors are becoming increasingly popular. These sliding doors are nice and broad, allowing you to cross from one area to the next without interrupting the layout.

You have to understand how to choose the proper door knobs and where to put them on your doors before you can include them in your residence.

The majority of barn doors will be similar in size to your other interior doors. These 80-inch-tall sliding doors, which may utilize the same kinds of latches as other doors, are typical to see. Most, however, choose to buy unique handles and pulls.

Door knobs that are ten to thirteen inches long usually complement an eighty-inch door. A fourteen to sixteen-inch handle might be accommodated by a slightly larger seven-foot door. You may need 24-inch or longer pulls if you have the extra-large 10-foot doors.

Your barn door knobs should be between 34 and 48 inches tall. Make sure your handles are centered in this area. Placing the bottom of your handle at this mark is not a good idea because you want to measure 48 inches up from the floor.

That would be excessive. Instead, place the bottom of the handle at a point about 36 inches up the door. Grasping and sliding the door open should be comfortable for you, perhaps at hip to waist height.

Remember that locks do not need to be installed at this height. Several families with small children prefer to place latches on the top of the door to prevent their youngsters from flinging it open and shut abruptly. Adults can control the movement of the doors by placing them closer to the shoulder or eye level.

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Installing a Deadbolt

Installing a Deadbolt
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You might want to install something that offers a little more protection from intruders once you’ve determined the basic height of your door handle. Although your doorknob can lock, many people consider a deadbolt to be a must-have for their home. Breaking through the more secure lock on these features takes an experienced burglar.

How do you know where to install the lock on your new door? This kind of lock might or may not have a pre-drilled hole. If you don’t know how to set up your own lock properly and easily, then you should.

The height of your conventional door handle has a big impact on where you place your deadbolt. They’re normally placed six to twelve inches above the door handle’s height, according to most people. A deadbolt should be located somewhere between 42 and 46 inches off the floor, based on the fact that most contractors install it at 36 inches from the floor.

The difference is usually split among the homeowners, who install it at a height of around 44 inches from the floor.

It’s worth noting that other sorts of locks, such as mortice locks, may be fitted at the top of the door. Hook and eye latch locks, for example, are popular choices that prevent the door from opening beyond a certain point. When picking security features for your home, take into consideration all of your options.

Installing New Door Handles

Thankfully, replacing door knobs in your house is simple. To install your new hardware, you’ll need a tape measure and a drill, which will take no more than a few minutes.

You may be obliged to put your hardware yourself in certain doors, despite the fact that they already have spaces lined up for it.

You may install a door in your home that comfortably opens and closes using these tips.


How can I choose the right height for my door knob if I do not have the correct measurements?

To choose the right height for your door knob, measure the height of the knob from the floor to the top of the knob. Round off the measurement to the nearest quarter inch.

Compare the height of your door knob to the measurements listed below and choose the closest match. If you are not sure which height to choose, select a height that is slightly higher than your current knob.


Standard door knobs are common door hardware options for standard door applications. They’re affordable and easy to install, and offer the same functionality as expensive door handles. A standard door knob is ideal for applications where people don’t have a lot of extra hand or finger room on the handle side of the door.

Besides being an affordable option, standard door knobs also provide a uniform look across the door, making them great for home decor or aesthetic purposes too. There isn’t any right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing standard door knobs – it depends on your application and usage! If you liked our blog, share it with your friends on Facebook!

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