7 Ways to Arrange Narrow Dining Table in Small Space

Place Mini Table on Area Rug
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“Arranging a narrow dining table for small space is a smart solution to get a cozy house in urban areas.”

Having a small house doesn’t mean you cannot get creative. Installing a narrow dining table for small space is one way to work around a tiny home.

Combining the smart placement and compact design gives your tiny house a chic, functional dining area.

Here are seven ideas you can try at home, complete with several recommended products.

1. Install Extendable Table

The extendable table is easy to find nowadays, thanks to the rising popularity of small urban homes.

You can extend or fold the table parts depending on the available space. You can bring it when moving, adjusting the table measurement to the size of your dining area.

Recommended product: IKEA Extendable Table. It is cheap, easy to assemble, with a suitable design that matches any interior.

2. Place Round Table on the Corner

Do you have an empty corner space (preferably near a window)? Place a small round table in it, creating a cute breakfast nook.

You can add personal elements in the area by adding a pendant lamp and several succulent pots on wall shelves.

Place Round Table on the Corner
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Recommended product: Coavas White Dining Table. It has a special coat that protects the layer from scratches and spills. The design is airy, with slim wooden legs that don’t take much space.

3. Install a Floating Table

A floating table is perfect for a minuscule studio apartment. Instead of an individual table, you can install a floating one on the wall.

It saves enough space for you to maneuver easily in the house. Add several stools, and you can turn it into a dining table or minibar.

Some floating table models are foldable, so you can fold it when unused and save even more space.

Recommended product: Haotian Drop-Leaf Wall-Mounted Floating Table. The design is simple, suitable for any interior design.

You can fold the table to the wall when not using it.

4. Pair Pedestal Table with L-shaped Benches

A pedestal table has a single supporting structure that frees up a lot of space. Place this table in the corner, and pair it with a pair of benches.

Arrange the benches to form an L shape that fits the corner. This arrangement creates a snug dining area ideal for limited space. If you need extra seats, add a couple of stools on the opposite of the benches.

Recommended product: International Concepts Pedestal Table. The round table collections have natural colors that match any interior design. The sturdy construction guarantees its durability.

5. Place Mini Table on Area Rug

If you don’t have a dedicated dining area, turn any available space into one. Use an area rug with unique color and patterns to create the “borders”.

Place a mini dining table with two chairs on top. You can arrange this mini dining area next to the living room furniture.

This arrangement is great for a small apartment occupied by a single person, couple, or small family.

Place Mini Table on Area Rug
source: http://www.hellofashionblog.com

Recommended product: Giantex 3-piece Dining Set. The compact table comes with two metal chairs.

It has a metal rack underneath to store books, magazines, fruits, unused plates, napkins, or wine bottles.

6. Install a Floating Shelf on Balcony

Create a chic dining balcony by installing a floating shelf on the rim of your balcony railing. You get bonus points if the balcony opens to a beautiful view.

Add several simple stools as the seats. This arrangement is perfect for a small high-rise apartment without a dining room.

You can experience a chic brunch or romantic sightseeing dinner, like in a Paris bistro.

Install a Floating Shelf on Balcony
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Recommended product: InPlace Shelving collections. It has stylish dark colors and invisible brackets, helping it to blend seamlessly to your interior.

7. Use a Low Table

Make your dining area more space-efficient by copying a traditional Japanese house. Use a low table with several pillows or low chairs as your dining area.

This table allows you to eat in a more laidback atmosphere. This furniture is ideal for a house or apartment with modern minimalist design.

The bare interior fits the table’s aesthetic, which reflects the simplicity of a Japanese traditional house.

Recommended product: Azumaya Folding Coffee Table. It has a simple design that matches any interior. You can fold and store it when unused.


A narrow dining table for small space still gives you diverse options for style. Use one of these ideas to create a stylish but cozy dining area in a small house.

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