Fantastic Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas that Grant Your Dreams of Minimalist Style

Black Beauty

Less is more. This saying is quite famous and true for some reason. This perhaps is what drives people, and even you, to want such minimalist bedroom design ideas for their private room – a place in which you just want to relax and spend nights with your beloved ones.

Minimalist style has some merits in terms of design, style, and of course simplicity. Those are probably what people try to find in that style. And here are some of the minimalist designs you may want to look at.

1. Attractive Wall Pattern

Attractive Wall Pattern

A minimalist concept in any room would need the right plan and calculation in order to make it look chic and stylish. Pick the right materials that you can mix and match to get the best look for your room.

A distinctive wall with a pair of pendant lights creates the minimalist style you’re meant to have here. Bold grey accents embrace the look even better.


  • A narrow bed gives some advantages, one of which makes the room appear higher.
  • A giant glass wall with a black frame and white curtains present you a wonderful view outside.


  • The flowers next to the bed don’t really do anything due to the similar color with the look of the room. Consider changing them with some flowers that can make the room to look a bit more colorful.

2. Clutter-Free Space

Uncluttered-free Space

A minimalist style also has some other advantages that make you eventually end up choosing this. It looks classy, stylish and fashionable at once, plus it makes the room clutter-free.

A frameless bedroom is typically has a smaller size if compared to one that does, which shows a minimalist touch since it doesn’t take up some significant space in your room.


  • This room doesn’t include a table or a chair that makes the room look tidy.


  • The painting has its own influence on adorning a room in particular. I think their charm is submerged by the color scheme in this room.

3. Wonderful Ceiling

Wonderful Ceiling

The high, triangular-shaped ceiling with windows is amazing. If you’re looking for a one of a kind bedroom, this example might give some inspiration if you want to redecorate or plan to design a new room.

White is considered a cool color. If you want to have a cool atmosphere, paint your room with white.


  • It looks so clean and tidy. The white accents really bring some positive energy.


  • There’s only one thing missing here, which is a table. You might want to add one for holding things.

4. Remarkable Wooden Wall

Remarkable Wooden Wall

You may start to think to have this wooden plank wall after seeing the actual image. Yes, the picture speaks for itself, and it’s phenomenal. The wooden wall is just amazing.

The ceiling is high enough and it has a fan on it. The window with a black frame brings an elegant touch to this room. The bed also has night stands, and there’s a chair near the window.


  • This room looks so inviting and welcoming with a nice view.


  • A minimalist style consists of fewer things compared with other styles, but if you want to add a table or a big vase that’d be great.

5. The Simplicity

The Simplicity

This might be a perfect bedroom which offers a minimalist touch and simplicity for you.  It really shows what the minimalist style looks like.

A frameless bed is seen with black linens and pillows along with two small lamps. The glass wall makes the room look large and stylish.


  • The room leaves an uncluttered feel and makes you feel comfortable.


  • There are no curtains to be found here. If you’re okay with that, go for it. But if you feel like including curtains, that’ll be a good idea.

6. Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

The stunning grey bricks wall will catch your eyes in an instant. You’ll also be amazed by the ceiling. A minimalist style gives an ultimate design that’s free from unnecessary stuff that’ll ruin the beauty of the room.

It fits for anybody who adores a retreat with fewer things in the room. You choose this because you’re not really into a crowded place and such.


  • It has a cool look and it’s an uncluttered room, and it’s wide enough.


  • To enliven the room, I think I’d paint the floor with a dark color so that it’ll look a bit lively and welcoming.

7. Black Beauty

Black Beauty

This majestic bed looks splendid, isn’t it? The dark color really makes a big splash in this room that almost everything in it appears in white – except for the painting.

A wide white rug that lays wall to wall in this room and white bricks wall with the dark bed create a nice combination.


  • It feels like living in two worlds with two different areas, which are black and white that coexist together.


  • If you use some pendant lights, they can make the room even fabulous, don’t you think?

Minimalist bedroom design ideas make your room, less crowded, stylish and clean, but everybody has their own way in what’s considered minimalist. What’s minimalist to you?

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