Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas That’ll Make You Wish You Lived In That Era

Bring the Jungle Inside

What fun activity you usually do in your living room? Is it watching movies, reading books or just having a good time with your beloved ones? Our mid century modern living room design ideas will make sure you have a good time in it.

There are obviously lots of fun activities you can do there. To give you the most comfortable experience in the living room, we’ve collected a short list of living room ideas so that you spend your time in your home.

1. Bring the Jungle Inside

Bring the Jungle Inside

This jungle-inspired living room would certainly make your dream come true. It’s like you live in a two world that coexists with a modern style and an old era in the jungle.

The tall glass wall brings positive energy into your room by showing a beautiful panorama outside. The large woven rug exists to serve you a cozy and warm ambiance.


  • Bringing green plants into your living room makes it look lovely


  • It looks too bright and people can see what you’re doing

2. Provide a Couch

Provide a Couch

Dark wooden-plank flooring really stands out in this room plus a long orange couch with a soft and smooth surface.

The table is quite small and has an oval shape. Installing small things will save some space and make it the room seems to be spacious.


  • The room feels so roomy with less furniture and looks so clean and uncluttered-free


  • If you tend to put or have lots of stuff on the table, consider having a bigger one so that you can put them on it

3. Magic Fireplace

Magic Fireplace

A fireplace is a vital element if you want to increase the level of warmth in your room. This is considered as an effective means many people would suggest you try.

When you’re alone together with a beloved one, this feature can make your togetherness much better. Besides, it can be a special feature that you can’t live without.


  • You will never feel cold in your room as long as you light the fireplace


  • The tone of color in this room looks rather pale. You need to tone up the room by using or changing the couch and curtain with a more colorful one.

4. Open Rack

Open Rack

You can limit some stuff that you’re not going to really need to make your room look simple. The less stuff in a room, the less effort or energy you’re going to use for cleaning.

You just need to put some basic things in the room like a rug, a table, and a couch. Don’t forget to install lights because they’re crucial materials for any room in your house.


  • The owner picks a smart grey color scheme for this room. A combination between the couch and geometric rug


  • The paintings on the wall don’t seem to really match paired with the grey color scheme

5. A Bookworm’s Paradise

A Bookworm Paradise

A living room typically has some common features in it such as a TV, fireplace or a library. And this room has one of them. Yes, it’s a small library that will make it hard to resist to spend your time out there.

It has a rug, a unique wooden table, and a swing chair. This is a peaceful haven that you might want if you are fond of reading books.


  • The library will keep you occupied and let you sink in the deep thought while reading your favorite books


  • On the other hand, the library is also the source where the sheer amount of dust amasses

6. Cozy Atmosphere

Cosy Atmosphere

Entertainment is probably what you expect to get after working hours at the office. So just want to rest and relax and to see what’s on TV.

You can’t go wrong by including a TV if you want some entertainment in your room. There are tons of good shows on TV from Netflix, HBO or Amazon that you can binge-watching on weekends.


  • A soft and comfortable chair, and a couch plush a rug will make you hard to leave the living room due to its warm atmosphere


  • You can hang the TV on the wall and remove the cabinet instead that’ll be a smart solution to make the room look appealing

7. Adorning the Wall

Adorning the Wall

Some people tend to paint their walls to get the look that suits them best. And some people love to put some artsy works such as posters, paintings or portraits. That’s another common thing you can do to liven up your room.

A rug and a couch are other essential things that are going to bring comfort into your room. Basically, you can just arrange your room to be as comfortable as you want it to be. But adding some plants or flowers are probably a good idea.


  • The room seems to look a bit nicer with some paintings with colors that blend with the overall look in this room


  • Erasing one of the furniture like a chair will make the room wider and roomy – not that cramped

Mid century modern living room design ideas became popular in the middle of 1900 until today. What makes people are crazy about mid-century styles is probably because they would like to know how it feels to live in that era.

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