7 Fashionable mid Century Modern Bedroom That’ll Surprise You

A Mixed Style

As soon as you finish your job, you may want to rest and relax on your bed. Your daily routine can be stressful, so you need some time to have your “me-time” in the bed alone.

And Mid century modern bedroom stylescome up with everything you need. From providing comfortable, clean, sleek lines, a mid-century design will awaken your desire of living in the mid 20th century.

Bring these ideas into your room, and you won’t be disappointed with what they do to your house.

1. A Mixed Style

A Mixed Style

White bold accents show a lovable result when they’re blended with a retro style. Wooden flooring and unique patterns lying under the bed make the mid-century vibes come to life.

The bed has a narrow frame with squares on the edges. White bedclothes and pillows are arranged neatly that make you feel welcoming.


  • This simple and minimalist style of the mid-century idea is ideal for you if you’re fond of a bedroom with less inessential stuff
  • The bird-cage-like lamp simply gives a smooth touch that embellishes the look


  • The picture doesn’t really fit in this room. You may want to consider changing it with a bigger one

2. A Stunning Ceiling Layout

A Stunning Ceiling Layout

What interesting about this room is that the window and ceiling have the same pattern, which matches well with the wooden ceiling panel. The window looks stunning and it’s satisfying to watch the view.

A good quality sleep will make you feel fresh in the morning that’s what every bedroom tries to give. This floating bed hopefully can make you sleep like a log with its cozy surface and strong mid-century accents.


  • The wall-to-wall white rug that lies in the room increases the beauty of this room. And it doesn’t feel too much.


  • This room is just perfect actually, but if you want to add a table and put some flowers that would be nice

3. Impressive Bed Design

Impressive Bed Design

Grey colors have some mysterious way to attract you with their charm, and they can be strongly felt in this room. The wooden bed itself has some beautiful design and it looks incredible.

If you stand before the window you can see the beauty of big cities outside. The window also has a giant grey curtain to protect you from the sunlight.


  • You get a perfect bedroom with a comfortable and warm mid-century vibe, stunning pendant lights plus an incredible view.


  • You need some more green plants to have woods ambiance since you live in big cities

4. Astonishing Wood Beams

Astonishing Wood Beams

It looks like that a ceiling with wood beams is everybody’s favorite. I can tell from how the same construction is being used in many bedrooms with different styles. And it’ll leave you open-mouthed seeing this ceiling in your own room.

Some people also use brick walls and leave them without being painted because their natural colors are really mesmerizing.


  • Not only does the room have great ceiling and wall, but it also has a lovely window design with squares and white curtain


  • How about adding a chair or a couch? You may want to sit on it. Your room is wide enough.

5. Oddly Beautiful

Oddly Beautiful

This room brings some peaceful aura. A passionate carpenter really dedicates his thoughts and efforts in making such a beautiful bed. It fits well with purple and white color schemes that make the room strangely unique.

A wooden cupboard on where some vases along with flowers are placed next to the bed. A bench with a soft surface can be used when you feel like sitting or for putting some things on it.


  • Outside the window is a beautiful view that you can see simple by opening the curtain. The room looks simple and isn’t overflowing


  • The corner seems to be empty there. A giant vase would be a great addition to your room

6. Floating Bed Headboard

Floating Bed Headborad

People say a portrait is worth a thousand sayings. That’s true! This picture can show you that this bedroom can be your ideal one. The wooden plank ceiling and the earthy brick walls are a nice mixture that creates an awe-inspiring look.

The bed design alone can amaze you. The bed floating idea with a square wooden headboard is the center of attention in this room.


  • Grey bedclothes make a bold contrast, which is nice. With two giant windows, your room appears larger too.


  • One drawback in this room may be the narrow space, so be careful not to jump on the bed

7. Great View

Great View

A nice view that this room offers is incredible. Who wouldn’t be satisfied to have such a nice sight from your bedroom? Imagine you woke up in the morning or at night and find this view, what would you do?

The bed itself is rather small with white linen. You can see there lying on the floor; an animal skin under a white chair.


  • This room wins your heart by having such a great scene. It can give you a good mood when looking at it


  • This room has a quite small bed and shares the same drawback with the previous one, which is a narrow space.

Mid century modern bedroom ideas will always have your attention due to their sleek and stylish appearance and simplicity. 

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