How to Make a Homemade Lock for Your Bedroom Door

How to Make a Homemade Lock for Your Bedroom Door
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How to Make a Homemade Lock – Are you tired of fumbling with keys every time you lock your door? Have you ever found yourself locking the door and unlocking it again, just to make sure the door is properly secured? If yes, you are not alone.

We’re all prone to making the same mistakes that could have been avoided had we had the right tools and knowledge. This is why we created a lock tutorial for you–so that the next time you lock your door, you’ll be a pro.

And guess what? You’ll be able to do so within minutes. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We’re glad you’re excited about it!

That’s because this lock tutorial will teach you how to make a simple lock for your bedroom door in just five minutes or less.

This won’t only help you boost your security but will also save you time and energy when locking your door.

Prepare Necessary Items for This Tutorial

There are specific items that will help you unlock a bedroom door without using a lock. From your pals and neighbors, you may borrow money.

You can simply order them online or go to the closest hardware store in your neighborhood.

1. Fork and marker

Since it must be able to withstand forceful entry, a metallic fork is required. The prongs should be able to hold against the door frame because of their length of two inches or more.

In addition, the fork’s handle must be long enough to cover the section of the door and its frame.

To determine the precise location where you may bend the prongs, you’ll also need a marker. For obvious markings, a permanent marker is suggested.

2. Vise and hammer

Making the fork bend easier and more precisely is made simple by a vise and hammer. Whatever is at your disposal in the garage may be used for the vise.

When pounding the fork, however, it’s a good idea to use a ball-peen or sledgehammer since they can provide the strength you require.

For bending the fork prongs without a vise, use a pair of pliers. Pliers have the potential to take more time and effort, which is the only disadvantage. If the prongs get bent too much, use the hammer to straighten them.

3. Pliers or Metal cutting saw (optional)

A metal cutting saw can make short work of chopping the fork. You may use a cordless one since this is not a heavy-duty endeavor.

It’s battery-powered, and it might also help you move around more. Because they are lightweight and inexpensive, most Do-it-yourselfers choose abrasive disc blades.

Instead, you can use a pair of pliers. Cut the handle successfully by simply bending the fork back and forth. It might, however, take a bit longer.

You should wear gloves to protect your hands from any injury, whether using a metal cutting saw or a pair of pliers.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Insert a fork in the latch hole and mark how deep it can go

Insert the metallic fork into the latch hole is the first step you’ll need to do. To function as a makeshift lock for a bedroom door, the fork should have 2 inches or longer prongs. Mark the location where the fork ends inside the lock hole once you’ve inserted it.

Step 2: Bend the marked area using a vise

Swing the hammer into the marked region in a vise to bend it at a 90-degree angle after you’ve marked prongs.

You can also bend the prongs with a pair of pliers if you don’t have a vise. Straighten them using a hammer if they’re too bent.

Step 3: Cut the handle of the fork

Proceed with the fork’s removal. To make sure that the door stays secure, the fork’s handle will serve as a locking mechanism.

To cut the handle, use a metal cutting saw. You may use pliers instead of a metallic saw if you don’t have one. Cut off the fork handle by simply twisting it back and forth.

Step 4: Place the bent part of the fork on the latch hole and put the handle between the prongs

After making your own door lock, you should do the following:

  • Press the fork’s bent end against the latch hole.
  • Close the door when you leave.
  • Place the handle between the prongs.

Because it blocks the section of the door and the door frame, the handle will prevent any intrusion. Remove the fork from your door to unlock it.


1. What materials do I need to make the lock?

You will need a lock, a screwdriver, and a few pieces of wire. The lock can be any type of latch that is easy to open and close. In addition, you will need some pliers and other tools to assist in the process.

2. How do I make the lock?

First, you will need to decide the type of lock that you want to make. Take note of the features of the lock, such as the number of tumblers or the type of latch it has. Also, consider the length and width of the piece of wire you wish to use.

Once you have made your decision, start by measuring out the length and width with a ruler or tape measure.

Then, add up the number of tumblers on your lock into the length and width factors.

Lastly, add up any additional materials needed for your project into the cost factor to determine how much your homemade lock will cost.

3. How secure is the lock?

Once you have determined how much your homemade lock will cost, it’s time to start building it! Depending on which parts of the lock you prefer to handle yourself, use a screwdriver or pliers to do so.

Once you have assembled all of the pieces together, test out your new latch by opening and closing it a few times to ensure that it functions properly. If necessary, fine-tune any positioning of the pieces until it is perfectly secured.

In conclusion, making a homemade lock for your bedroom door isn’t too difficult if you take things slowly and follow simple steps outlined above.

4. Can I use the homemade lock as a permanent lock for my bedroom door?

You can use the lock to secure your bedroom door and make it more secure. The lock is easy to install and requires just a few minutes of your time.

It is ideal for people who are looking for a quick and easy way to protect their bedroom door from intruders.

This lock is also versatile enough to be used to secure other areas of your home, such as your garage or cupboard.

In addition to its functionality, the lock is made from durable materials that ensure it will last for years without needing updating or replacement.

Overall, the homemade lock is an ideal solution for residents looking for a quick and easy way to protect their door from intruders.

5. What are the other household items that I can use to lock my bedroom door aside from the fork?

There are a variety of household items that can be used to secure your bedroom door, such as a chair or a picture frame. All you need is some duct tape and a Phillips screwdriver to lock it in place.

The duct tape will act as the lock, while the screwdriver will fix it in place. This homemade lock is easy to set up and can be done in just 5 minutes. So keep some household items on hand to lock your bedroom door and stay safe at night.

6. What are the other ways to secure my door?

There are a variety of ways to secure your bedroom door other than using a lock. Deadbolt, security chain, or keypad lock can all be used to ensure the safety of your bedroom door. Each type of lock has its own benefits and drawbacks.

For example, deadbolts are best for doors that are frequently opened, whereas security chains are best for doors that do not have handle or knob.

Ultimately, the best lock for your door depends on the size and shape of the door as well as how often it is used. Before selecting a lock, review reviews and compare prices to find the best option for your needs.

7. What are household items that I can use to pick a lock?

Making a lock out of household items is an easy way to pick a lock. You can use items such as pliers, screw drivers, and a jigsaw to cut the metal into the right shape.

Once you have the shape of the lock, you can drill a hole and insert the key.

The final step is to put something over the lock so that it doesn’t make noise when you unlock the door.

By using household items, you can achieve a DIY lock in just a few minutes. This method is ideal for those who are short on time but want to avoid using tools or rely on complicated locks.

8. Can I use this homemade lock for my main door?

This lock is a great way to secure your bedroom door and ensure the safety of your belongings. It is easy to install and does not require any tools or hardware, making it ideal for securing doors in your home.

This lock is a great way to keep your bedroom safe and secure from threats, whether at home or away.

You can use this lock to secure other doors in your home, such as cabinets or closets. This homemade lock is a simple, but effective way to prevent accidents and make the safety of your bedroom a top priority.


This lock is not only easy to make, but it’s also the most secure lock you can ever use. If you want to add extra security to your door, do try this lock first. If it does not work for you, there’s always the regular lock that we share in the side bar. It’s a much-loved lock by our readers and it works like a charm!

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