Great Ideas for Elevated Decks with Stairs That You’ll Love

Open-Air Covered Deck with Subtle Attraction

Creating a cozy space to entertain or simply relax can always be a great idea to any homeowner. Building one of those elevated decks with stairs will make the idea even more perfect.

Just imagine you have a comfortable place right on your outdoor patio or deck. It must be fun, isn’t it?

From wooden to concrete decks, you have a lot of possibilities in hand when you are planning to bring your outdoor area into another level.

To get you inspired, I’ll show you a few elevated deck designs and how you can furnish and decorate the deck to make it into an outdoor space of your dreams. Without further ado, let’s check this out!

1. Open-Air Covered Deck with Subtle Attraction

Open-Air Covered Deck with Subtle Attraction

Light gray is the ideal color for adding subtle detail either indoor or outdoor. Like this open-air covered deck which receives a subtle appeal thanks to the lovely furniture.

Combining wood and metal for the fence and stair rails, this design can be one of the best ideas for elevated decks with stairs.


  • The white coffee table makes a great compliment and balance to the deck.
  • Not only adding subtle detail, but the gray cushions installed on the chair also provide such a comfortable seating area to enjoy the surroundings.


  • The throw pillows are too plain. You may need to find one with patterns or add more pillows for more splash of color.

2. Versatile Small Elevated Deck

Versatile Small Elevated Deck

If you think small elevated decks with stairs won’t give you too much space for functionality, you should look to this one.

The wooden deck is designed in two levels with the BBQ area in the lower level and nursery area in the upper level. With a sun umbrella and some patio furniture, you’ll have the most of this outdoor space.


  • The design is simple and ideal for narrow space too.


  • The color choice of the deck and the home doesn’t really complement each other.
  • The garden landscaping design is too boring. You may need to add more flower planters around the deck.

3. Treat the Exterior like the Interior

Treat the Exterior like the Interior

With the doors to the deck opened widely, it feels like the outdoor dining area and the open-air deck are the part of the interior. Then, the stairs are created with no rails to connect the deck with the backyard.


  • This design of elevated decks with stairs makes a nice connection between the house and the back yard.
  • The potted palm trees offer a beautiful touch to the deck.


  • The glass fence on the deck isn’t really necessary.

4. Cozy Gathering Space Outdoor

Cozy Gathering Space Outdoor

This modern home’s deck offers a convenient place for entertaining or simply enjoying the nature outside. With some outdoor furniture that comes in the same color as the exterior wall, the deck offers a perfect space to keep track of your kids who are swimming in the pool.


  • The lantern light makes a lovely detail to the deck.


  • There is no sun umbrella or other things to keep the furniture from the change of weather, so you need to prepare a room to store it for a good reason.

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5. Large Elevated Deck with a View

Large Elevated Deck with a View

Big elevated decks with stairs can house a few outdoor living areas. This large deck connects an outdoor kitchen, dining area, and gazebo.

The stairs, in this case, lead two directions: to the gazebo and the outdoor kitchen. The gazebo can be a perfect place to enjoy the view around the house.


  • The deck design is versatile and can be perfect to throw a special party at home.


  • This idea is not for everyone, considering not all homeowners are lucky enough to have big space and budget to build it.

6. Traditional Wooden Deck with Gable Roof

Traditional Wooden Deck with Gable Roof

This is another best design of elevated decks with stairs that you can take into account. This design is perfect for you who want to have an additional living room in your home.

The gable roof which is employed to cover the wooden deck makes it possible for you to have an extra cozy living room outdoor.


  • The design is adaptable to any house style.
  • The chandelier ceiling fan adds more comfort when the temperature increases.


  • The space under the deck is left unattended.

7. Chic Two-Story Deck with Lighted Stairways

Chic Two-Story Deck with Lighted Stairways

Upper-level decks must consider the view from the street and yard. This one utilizes decorative pergola design to add style and shade in your outdoor space.

Then, you shouldn’t forget the lighted stairways and deck post lights which make the overall design remains amazing when the sun goes down.


  • The step lights applied in the stairs help you go up to the upper-level deck safely in the evening.


  • You may need to change the step lights regularly if you want to apply them to your elevated decks with stairs design.


There, you’ve reached the bottom of the page. I hope you find one idea from elevated decks with stairs above that suits your preference and house design perfectly.


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