7 Spectacular Farmhouse Dining Room You Can’t Get Enough of Them

Visually Larger

Some of the sensational feelings that a farmhouse style offers are arguably the sensation that you mightn’t get from a contemporary style that shows the latest, design, furniture and stuff.

A farmhouse dining room is the opposite of that. It can literally bring you peace of a country farmhouse atmosphere into your home.

Who in the world can resist the sheer temptation of earthy and old-fashioned elements and styles? That’s why farmhouse style is always in demand.

1. Simple Dining Room

Simple Dining Room

Weathered-wooden tables are a potent formula that’s popularly used for a farmhouse-themed dining room. Either a square or a rectangular wooden table, you’ll find them lying at the center of the room.

You can use the table as the way it is or you can cover it with a tablecloth. Both are fine and you can choose which one that fits your personality. The most common things people add to their tables are a bucket of flowers or fruit.


  • It looks clean as you don’t add any unimportant things


  • Such a look results in a colorless and dull appearance

2. Luxurious Dining Room

Luxurious Dining Room

In this spectacular dining room, the owner uses a rather time-torn wooden table to show that an old table has its own valuable element and story that you can see it from how old the table is.

You can try to adopt this style in your dining room to make the farmhouse feel so alive in your home. Adding lamps on the table will make your moment with the family feel romantic somehow.


  • Here you’ll have an authentic look of a farmhouse style and it also creates a spectacular appearance


  • Too many stuff makes it feel so crowded in this room
  • The chairs will be hard to be cleaned if stained

3. Stunning Room

Stunning Room

Lighting will always be an essential feature for any room in a house. It can elevate the look and make the appearance look better. That’s why you should have a clear plan for your dining room by picking a nice and suitable light design.

It doesn’t to be all that bright, but the aim is to make the room more attractive that can be one of many reasons why you and your family gather in the dining room.

Not only for eating meals and such, but the dining room also exists for you to enjoy the togetherness with such a nice view.


  • The lighting really enhances the current look and make it feel so alive


  • Removing some plants on the table would be better to save some room

4. New Spot

New Spot

A dining room doesn’t always have to be in a room. This picture proves you why. It’s set next to the stairs and makes it appear to have an airy feel since it isn’t surrounded by walls.

Just put a bench and chairs at the table and there you can have your nice dining room. To make it even more appealing, you can add rug a huge one. If you don’t want to make your wall vacant, then you can add some decorative ornament on it.


  • You’ll get a new and different sensation here
  • The rug gives you a comfortable and warm feel


  • Narrow space makes it look cramped

5. Visually Larger

Visually Larger

You don’t have to make a hole in your pocket for creating a dining room. Farmhouse dining room ideas are a simple style that offers a calm and homey feel at the same time.

Spreading a calm and peaceful atmosphere can be achieved by applying a white tone of colors. It’ll make your room seem to be visually larger.


  • With white hues, the room appears larger than it actually is


  • You need to repaint it with a new color to enliven it

6. Airy Space

Airy Space

Having a spacious space will allow you to install huge furniture in your house because you can still have some free area to move freely. This dining room has a high ceiling which means you’ll have pretty nice air circulation.

A big table means you can hold a lot of people to sit and eat together at the table. The table itself is made out of plank wood and looks so mesmerizing. Beautiful stools with wooden seats and iron legs are brought to this room.


  • This place is big enough to throw a family party


  • It’ll feel so empty or lonely when nobody’s here

7. Natural Look

Natural Look

It looks that simplicity has a strong character in a way that it can make you fall in love with it. It’s proved by many designs that use simplicity in homes in every aspect. You can get the idea of minimalist and stylish without sticking so many unnecessary things.

The owner brings that idea into this dining room. There are only a table and a bench with some green plants on the table. Next to the table is a rack that’s filled with some souvenirs. Meanwhile, there are antique lamps above the table.


  • This place is full of a farmhouse feel that you dream of


  • You need to consider applying some new color to make it lively

After reading our farmhouse dining room article, you might want to consider having one of these ideas in your home. Find one that suits you.

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